Từ vựng

Từ vựng Tiếng anh chọn lọc theo chủ đề do Dr. Pham tổng hợp và biên soạn.

Từ vựng tiếng Anh về Toán học cơ bản 74 từ vựng

Absolute Value Base of a Power coefficient Complex Number constant Cube Root cubic equation decimal decimal place denominator dividend division sign divisor equal sign equation Even Number Exponent of a Power expression Factor Tree factorial formula fraction function graph greater-than sign Greatest Common Factor Horizontal Line Equation Imaginary Number inequality Integer Number Irrational Number irreducible fraction Least Common Multiple less-than sign linear equation logarithm minus sign Natural Number Negative Number No Slope Nonnegative Number Nonpositive Number nonzero nth Root Number Line numerator Odd Number parenthesis Perfect Number Perfect Square permutation plus sign polynomial Positive Number Power Expression Prime Factorization Prime Number quadratic equation quotient ratio Rational Number Real Number remainder Slope of a Line times sign variable Vertical Line Equation Whole Number x-axis x-intercept x-y Plane y-axis y-intercept Zero Slope